About Us

Our school aims to provide value based education with innovative teaching and learning methods so that our students grow up in to Aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and completely responsible individuals who will be capable of fulfilling their dreams and strengthen the society. We intend to, with our educational process to be the cutters who polish row stones into glittering multifoceted diamonds.

Students Enrolled
Classes Completed
Certified Teachers

Why choose us ?

  • CBSE curriculum for the overall development of the student
  • Quality school with best learning facilities
  • Vibrant class rooms
  • Creative education plan
  • Qualified, dedicated and expenced staff
  • Auto visual technology to supplement effective learning
  • Loving and caring environment
  • Well eguipped science laboratories
  • Library with large number of books and digital library
  • Set in a beautiful background

The Co-scholastic benefits

  • Abacus classes from class 1 to 10
  • Music and Dance
  • Karate
  • Basketball and Badminton court
  • Indoor sports
  • Swimming classes
  • Skating
  • Separate Toddler play area